OCEPC is a Proud Member of:


KenSwink, Chairperson
Tamra Hurst, Chairperson Elect
Stephanie Zinger, Secretary/Treasurer
Tamra Hurst, AEPA Consultant


To enhance the role and effectiveness of the individual educational purchasing consortium through the collaboration for state-wide or regional purchasing, sharing of information, and education of its members.


Each educational purchasing consortium may become a member of the Ohio Council of Educational Purchasing Consortia by paying an annual membership fee of $200.  Each voting member must represent a public school district or a council of government that represents public school districts.


  • School Savings
    Savings on products and services, reduced administrative and clerical time, and contract prices for extended periods of time.
  • Quality Products
    Approved vendors provide quality products in over 45 commodity groups.
  • Quality Services
    Approved vendors provide excellent services through ordering, delivery and follow-up processes.


  • Savings on marketing costs.
  • Dealing with one large customer base.
  • Obtaining a large volume of business with one quotation.
  • Obtaining a reliable customer base.
  • Getting assistance of the cooperative in expansion of customer base.

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